TIGHITCO’S MRO Division, Overhaul Support Services LLC (OSS), is proud to announce the commissioning of a new alkaline cleaning line at their facility located at 5 Connecticut South Drive in East Granby, Connecticut. This new addition to their facility will greatly enhance OSS’s capabilities in cleaning large titanium parts. The first parts to process through this line and subsequent fluorescent penetrant inspection were PW800 engine fan blisks for Pratt & Whitney Engine Services in Bridgeport, West Virginia, which was recently announced.

The new alkaline cleaning line is a significant addition for OSS, as it will allow them to efficiently and effectively process large metallic parts for the aviation industry. This is a crucial step in the maintenance and repair process for aircraft components. With this new capability, OSS expands capabilities to become more vertically integrated throughout its manufacturing and MRO divisions in lieu of outside processing, which is both costly and time constrained.

“OSS is excited about the opportunities that this capability opens for future business with Pratt & Whitney and other customers requiring this service,” according to Mark Withrow, President/CEO of TIGHITCO, Inc.  “We are confident that this new addition will greatly enhance our positioning with existing and potential customers.  We paid attention to the needs of the customer and are happy to deliver this timely process addition.”

The commissioning of the new alkaline cleaning line at OSS’s facility is a fundamental part of the overall capability growth plan that was set in motion in 2023, and will continue through 2025. OSS looks forward to utilizing this new line to provide exceptional services and continue to be an MRO leader in the aviation industry.

Since 1944, TIGHITCO has been a leader in the aerospace and defense industry.  The Aerostructures Division was established in 1972.  With a prime focus on advanced composite aerostructures, metallic, soft goods and molded insulation systems, sheet metal forming and MRO, TIGHITCO has developed a reputation as a key player in the industry. TIGHITCO’s meticulous craftsmanship achieves the high quality that the aerospace industry demands, providing full lifecycle support of all products from conceptual design development, to testing and first part qualification/certification.

Being fully integrated, and able to quickly move through analysis, tooling, and fabrication, TIGHITCO will make any project an easy transition from a build-to-print to a quality part. TIGHITCO offers full-service solutions; maintaining the unique ability to incorporate engineering expertise and manufacturing talent to rapidly produce new products for defense and commercial customers.  TIGHITCO is Nadcap and ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D accredited, with a proven track record of nearly five decades of manufacturing.

Craig Zysk  |  Group VP Sales & Business Development
203-943-1768  |  czysk@tighitco.com