About Us

TIGHITCOTM, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and assembly of engineered components for aerospace and industrial applications. TIGHITCO is comprised of three divisions – AeroStructures, Insulation Products, and Overhaul Support Services, supported by six facilities located throughout North America. We have ISO 9001, AS9100 and NADCAP accreditation for our quality and system management.

T-I-G – HIT – CO

How do you say our company name? Listen to our team members for a quick lesson.

Employing our integrated Program Management Process ensures all aspects are efficiently managed.  Starting from a quote through program planning, production verification, qualification, launching process, and its transition into regular production.

TIGHITCO focuses on quality, schedule and best value. We partner with our customers to develop tools, plans and targets for price, delivery, inventory and lead-time improvements.

Customer expectations are met through professional program management and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is always innovating – how can we do this faster, less expensive, better – to come up with a solution that gets around any obstacles. TIGHITCO balances the needs of the industry, production schedules, technology and the customer.

Our History

Insulation Products Division

The Insulation Products Group was started in 1944 as part of the H. I. Thompson Company. In 1960 a new facility opened in Atlanta, Georgia and the name became HITCO. In 1991 The InterTech Group of South Carolina acquired the Insulation Products Group in Atlanta creating TIGHITCO, Inc.

In addition to engineering and fabrication in Atlanta, insulation and sewn products are manufactured in our TIGHITCO Latinoamerica facility in San Luis Potosì, Mexico. This location was opened in 2001 to meet our customers’ needs for low cost and labor-intensive solutions.

In 2008 the Insulation Products launched a low-cost sheet metal center of excellence in Chihuahua, Mexico, with full fabrication, hyrdoform, heat treat and chemical processing capabilities.

AeroStructures Division

The AeroStructures Division began in 1972 as Ellcott Manufacturing in Vernon, Connecticut and was acquired by TIGHITCO in 1997. In 2007 the facility moved to Berlin, Connecticut and changed its name to the AeroStructures Division.

In response to customer demands the AeroStructures Division expanded capacity in 2013 with a new facility in Ladson, South Carolina, just north of Charleston. With full autoclave composite fabrication and structural assembly capabilities, this facility opens new opportunities to provide solutions to our customers.


TIGHITCO Overhaul Support Services

Overhaul Support Services (OSS) began operations in East Granby, Connecticut in 1998. This facility was established to provide overhaul and repair of dynamic components for rotorcraft and was acquired by TIGHITCO in 2008.

AeroStructures Division

The company serves a broad, worldwide spectrum of the aviation industry, including original equipment manufacturers of commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, aircraft components and rotorcraft.

Insulation Products Division

The insulation products division provides innovative solutions to meet aerospace and commercial customers’ heat shield, insulation, and fire protection requirements. Primary products include encapsulated metal, sewn and molded insulation.

Overhaul Support Services

This facility provides overhaul and repair of dynamic components for rotorcraft. Overhaul Support Services is an FAA authorized repair station providing specialized services for helicopter dynamic components such as gearboxes, transmissions, rotor heads and rotor blades, and other mechanical and hydraulic assemblies.

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