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TIGHITCO’s center of excellence for insulation products provides innovative solutions to meet aerospace and commercial customers’ heat shield, insulation, and fire protection requirements. Primary products include encapsulated metal, sewn and molded insulation, particularly for challenging environments. Our Insulation Products Group (IPG) offers complete technical solutions that include design and testing. As specialists in metal foil, soft goods, and sewn insulation designs, we have the experience and engineering to design or aid you in design.

A key resource in our IPG, our Chihuahua facility, produces aluminum sheet metal parts, including hydroformed components, thermal, as well as light machining of plates and extrusions. It supports important aerospace OEMs, as well as IPG facilities, with sheet metal components for various applications and as a key partner in low-cost manufacturing. As a value add, this facility has the ability to do chemical and painting processes in compliance with the highest OEM and Military standards.

Insulation Products Group

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NADCAP, ISO, AS9100 AND AS9110 Certifies

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As industries evolved, TIGHITCO shifted to meet market needs with part modeling via CATIAV-5, in-house tool design and fabrication, CMM capabilities and most recently design support using computational fluid dynamics. This along with a wide variety of manufacturing cells helps support our diverse product line.

TIGHITCO employs its Program Management Process to ensure all aspects are efficiently managed starting from quote receipt, through program planning, production verification, qualification, launching process, and its transition into regular production. The process is proven by TIGHITCO’s decades of experience in successful offloads and transfers from different customers.


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Automated Material Cutting

Complex Assembly

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Insulation Products

Our solution-based approach aligns our Program Managers with customer needs early in the design process. This allows us to meet application needs without excessive costs as development shifts to full-scale production.

The Insulation Products Group works collaboratively with customers using our extensive library of materials to find thermal solutions to meet all thickness, weight, and environmental requirements. We take a cross-functional approach to design working with our teams in our manufacturing facilities to deliver a design that optimizes performance, manufacturability, and quality.

Insulation Product Details

Metal Foil Insulation Blankets
For many applications. especially for protection from high operating temperatures. metal covered insulation blankets are preferred. The metal foil insulation blanket has been the cornerstone of TIGHITCO’s IPG. We are capable of rigidizing, forming, and welding various metals including stainless steel or Inconel.

Insulation material is encapsulated between stainless steel or Inconel metal foil skins. Skins are typically press formed to provide a precision fit with a mating housing surface. Foil blankets are usually designed to be removable for access to the component or structure underneath. Typical applications include combustor cases, internal engine insulation, ducting and valves.

Benefits of Metal Foil Insulation Blankets

  • Thermal or Fire Applications
    • Continuous use temperatures up to 1200F (stainless) or 1600F (Inconel)
    • Capable of direct flame exposure
  • Cost-effectiveness
    • Durable construction provides continuous use and long-term service; even in high vibration areas.
    • This process can support price reductions with larger quantities
    • Consistent dimensions based on tooling – highly reproducible parts
  • Easy installation
    • Creative attachment methods allow rapid removal and replacement for in-service inspection of protected equipment.
  • Superior durability of 321 stainless steel or Inconel superalloy skins to extend insulation life
    • Can be formed to fit complex contour shapes
  • Insulation material protected from fluid ingression
    • Liquid proof construction protects the insulation from contaminants including fuels, oils, fungus, and cleaning agents.
Soft Goods
TIGHITCO is a leader in designing and fabricating soft goods for applications requiring thermal protection with fire stop capabilities. As a fire stop, in accordance with FAA requirements for aircraft protection in an emergency situation, these blankets are able to stop a 2000°F flame for 15 minutes with no burn-through. Flexible, lightweight, and durable, many of our blankets have been in service for decades requiring minimal repair or replacement.

Our broad range of abilities in the sewing segment is unmatched in the aerospace industry. An advantage is the ability to fabricate sewn blankets without investing in expensive set-up or tooling charges. This also allows for flexibility in production where changes can be easily incorporated to provide custom fit insulation blankets.

Benefits of Soft Goods

  • Thermal or Fire Applications
  • Rapid prototyping available
  • Slight re-designs can be easily supported
  • Few heat paths from insulated component to exterior of blanket
  • Complex shapes may be very challenging due to tolerance stack-ups
  • Quilted products available
  • Cloth selection largely determines cost, durability, weather resistance, and temperature use limit
Molded Goods
The insulation is molded into a variety of sizes, shapes, thickness and densities. This versatility allows the insulation to custom fit odd-shaped parts, special configurations, and applications where precise fit is critical. The type of insulation that is used is dependent upon the environment and the temperature of the duct during operation.

  • Consistent dimensions based on tooling – highly reproducible parts
  • Few heat paths
  • Easily installed, durable parts, which survive fluid splash
  • Well suited to less complex geometries or flat surfaces
  • Requires tooling
  • Continuous temperature use limit 450-500F
  • Can meet AC-20-135/FAA 2000 F – 15 Minute Fire Test requirements
Design, Analysis, and Qualification
Thermal Analysis & Design

  • CF Design Thermal Modeling and Analysis Software
    • Product Material & Type selection – Metal Product, Softgoods, Molded Product
    • Utilize CFDesign software to model heat loss, convection currents, fluid flow variations, etc.
    • End-result is an engineering design that utilizes the most efficient and cost effective design.
    • Example photos illustrate differences in temperature gradient between two different insulating materials.

Qualification Test Management

  • Typical Tests:
    • Vibration
    • Thermal Conductivity
    • Humidity
    • Environmental Durability
    • Tensile Testing
    • Peel Tests
  • Ultrasonic Inspections

Centers of Excellence for Insulation Products

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Manufacturing of engineered thermal management systems and sewn products



ISO, AS9100 AND AS9110

  • Automated & Precision Sewing
  • Metal Foil Forming
  • Automated Material Cutting
  • Resistance Welding
  • Portable CMM Inspection
  • Automated Ply Cutting

Chihuahua, Mexico

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly Operations



ISO, AS9100 AND AS9110

  • 3-Axis CNC Routing
  • 4-Axis CNC Routing
  • Press Brake Forming
  • Hydroforming
  • Heat Treating
  • In-house Chemical Film & Chromic Acid Anodizing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Assembly
  • Prime and Paint Application
  • Portable CMM Inspection
  • Metal Foil Forming
  • Resistance Welding

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