Guillermo Valeri

I met Guillermo two years ago when I joined TIGHITCO. After my first interaction with him I said to myself, who is this intelligent, curious and slightly over confident engineer; and how can I nurture his talent? Over the next two years he worked on may projects for the company. Some of them were with me personally. I came to understand how thorough and dedicated he was. He always wanted to do things right, not do things easy.

I watched him develop into someone I could give any project to with the knowledge that it would be done right. He always understood that the company’s reputation was at stake; and that we were judged by our quality. Guillermo touched a lot of people at the company. He was well liked, no, he was loved. One thing that I never told him, because I never thought to, was just how much I admired him. It takes a lot of courage to be who you are in the world. Guillermo had a lot of courage.

As one gets older you start to think about your legacy. Guillermo’s legacy is one of intelligence, courage, love and still being slightly overconfident. When TIGHITCO found out about his funeral they shut down the entire company at noon, just so everyone could be here. Everyone is here. That is his legacy too.

Shared by:
Eric Curtis
Sr. Director of Engineering and Quality