Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair

Providing superior aircraft repair services takes skill and expertise to ensure your aircraft remains reliable and safe. Our state-of-the-art facility uses industry-standard processes, coupled with extensive knowledge to restore, repair, and overhaul components.

There are many factors in play when aircraft repairs are needed. The knowledge and continuous learning of new standards in the industry, and extreme patience, especially during the inspection phase, have a huge impact on the success of the job.

Whether your need is maintenance, refurbishment, or upgrades throughout the life of your airplane or helicopter, we deliver.

aircraft sheet metal repair

Our process consists of three phases:

Disassembly, cleaning, & inspection

Every job is different, but it’s important to evaluate the problem. This occurs through disassembly and cleaning to pinpoint the material composition and thickness, any damage such as cracks, dents, etc., and determine if the damage can be repaired. During the inspection process, a visual and internal evaluation is required.

It is not easy to identify damage you can’t immediately see that could impact other working parts of the aircraft. As each part affects another, the repair may be a series of parts that have external and internal defects. Our inspection procedures and capabilities go beyond the norm, with non-destructive techniques that include radiography, ultrasonic tests, magnetic particle inspections, eddy current, vapor blasting, liquid fluorescent penetrants, borescope, and thread gauge inspections. Our goal is to identify areas of concern while maintaining the integrity of the aircraft for future use.

Not all damage is acceptable. Our team follows all guidelines to determine if the damage is acceptable and allowable. Once allowable damage for repair is detected, the material composition and thickness become vital and are vital to correctly fabricating new parts.

Repair and overhaul

Repairs are completed in our AS9100 and AS9110 certificated aerospace MRO facility and FAA/EASA certified repair station. Our technicians operate with quality and operational excellence with a sustained lean culture of experienced aerospace technicians. Our supply chain support is strong, with capabilities that meet and exceed industry standard specialized processes.

 The repair process may need additional disassembly based on where the repair is needed. Any existing fasteners that are still intact may need removing, as well as the paint layer. Disassembly for repairs is a tedious process that requires skill and expertise to avoid further damage to the structure. There are different ways to achieve this, including using a chisel and hammer or drilling to remove the rivets.

 Once this process is completed, the layout process begins. This requires different techniques and composite structures to properly manufacture the parts needed for completion. There are many benefits to our composites, including being lightweight, durable, stiff, thermally efficient, designed with electromagnetic transparency, and cost-efficient.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and abilities to ensure each repair is done quickly and correctly to get your aircraft back in working condition and in the air. Each member of our team has over 10 years of experience working together for consistent, reliable, repairs and performance. We take pride in what we do and guarantee some of the best work in the market. From start to finish, our repairs focus on what you need, when you need it, and restoring your sheet metal like new.

Final assembly and test

Once the repair pieces are manufactured and modeled for replacement, an entire process takes place. The new part should also go through a surface treatment that includes a coating, primer, and sealant to match the rest of the aircraft.

The installation process is crucial because the proper technique must be used to ensure the repair seamlessly integrates with the rest of the aircraft. We follow a thorough assembly planning process that includes all detailed parts required for fabrication, all hardware, and any special tools needed. The final assembly must be done with precision and care by an expert in the field who understands the logistics and intricacies of aircraft repair and replacement.

Every step of the way, we take our roles seriously in providing the best aircraft sheet metal repair services, following all specific regulatory requirements and manufacturer specifications.  Once the aircraft is repaired, we have a series of defined quality inspection points to ensure everything is safe and working properly


There’s nothing better than being able to have your aircraft serviced and repaired in one location that meets all your needs with flexibility, reliability, safety, and excellence. You want a team that provides state-of-the-art processes in every area to ensure your repairs are top-notch and industry standard. Our work is well-known and used by some of the most respected Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturing companies in the world. We are fully accredited to provide services using the highest standards of quality in the industry.

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