Metal foil insulation blankets come in a wide variety of materials and can help prevent corrosion caused by moisture, chemicals, and heat. They are preferable for protection from high operating temperatures and removable for easy access. In general, blanket sections are attached using lock wire, metal tie straps, Velcro, springs, or latches.

TIGHITCO, Inc. supplies metal foil insulation blankets for combustion cases, internal combustion insulation, valves, and ducting. We can rigidize, shape, and weld metals, including Inconel and stainless steel. We provide full technical solutions that involve design and testing. As experts in metal foil, sewn insulation designs, and soft goods, we have the skills and resources to design and produce pre-installed components. This guide will tell you everything about foil insulation blankets and their uses.

Can Metal Foil Insulation Blankets Help?

The benefits of insulation blankets include:

  • Thermal or Fire Applications: Withstands temperatures of 1,200F (stainless) or 1,600F (Inconel)
  • Easy installation: Form fitting for complex shapes, highly reproducible parts.
  • Durability: 321 superalloy skins for versatility and long-term use. Withstands high vibration environments.
  • Creative attachment methods: Fast in-service inspections.
  • Liquid proof construction: Prevent contamination of oil, fungus, and cleaning agents.

Uses of Metal Foil Insulation Blankets

Common uses for metal foil insulation blankets include:

  • Aircraft storage: During storage and flight, they shield aircraft parts from environmental factors such as moisture and ultraviolet rays.
  • Electrical conductivity: Metal foil insulation blankets are flame-resistant, which is important for the safety of your electrical system. This makes the electric cable touchable while leaving the cable’s electric conductivity unaffected. Due to their high heat resistance, foil blankets can withstand flames and other high-temperature hazards.
  • HVAC systems: They can be used to cover HVAC ducts. Sealing leaks in your HVAC systems improves the air quality by preventing particles from entering the system.
  • Exhaust systems: Metal foil insulation blankets are suitable for exhaust system parts that need to be pre-installed. The end-product is an attractive cover that is durable and resistant to solvents and steam cleaning. They can be shaped to fit complex shapes and contours.
  • Valves: An aircraft can have many valves in various systems, such as the hydraulics and the engine. For instance, in the engine, two valves are important for combustion. Metal foil insulation blankets are designed to offer a custom fit for all kinds of valves. They protect valves from extreme temperatures.
  • Piping system: Pipes are responsible for the transport of fuel, water, oxygen, and wastewater. Anything that has to move around an aircraft is transported by the pipe systems. Therefore, removable insulation blanks are an essential part of the efficiency and safety of the piping system on your aircraft.

Metal Foil Insulation Blanket Solutions

TIGHITCO has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality metal foil insulation blankets for leading aerospace firms. We have the resources, expertise, and tools to create custom solutions for various businesses and industries. If you would like to know more about our services, contact our team of experts now.