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Metal Bonding

The Aerostructures Division of TIGHITCO manufactures aluminum-bonded structures, and has supplied the aerospace industry with high quality products for commercial and military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Our products encompass both bonded honeycomb panels and structures, and metal-to-metal bonded assemblies.
The Aerostructures Division supports its Metal Bonding capabilities with in-house tooling design, sheet metal fabrication, core detail fabrication, in-house captive phosphoric acid anodizing, adhesive priming, and laboratory testing.


  • Floor panel Assemblies 
  • Avionics Rack & Compartment Shelf Panels 
  • Flight Control Structures 
  • Nacelle Structures
  • Fan Reverser Components 
  • Wing Panels 
  • Leading/Trailing Edges 
  • Landing Gear Doors 
  • Access Panels