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Composite Assemblies

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The Aerostructures Division of TIGHITCO specializes in high-strength, lightweight, composite structures for aerospace applications. Epoxy, polyester, phenolic and polyamide resin systems, reinforced with fiberglass, graphite, Kevlar®, NOMEX and boron, are processed within an environmentally controlled atmosphere. Honeycomb core is incorporated into many of the structures we manufacture. Multiple autoclaves ensure that our facility is equipped to handle most applications.

The Aerostructures Division supports its Composites manufacturing operation with in-house tool design and fabrication, core detail fabrication, and laboratory testing.


  • Winglets
  • Wing Panels
  • Landing Gear Doors
  • Fairings
  • Flight Control Structures
  • Nacelle Structures
  • Fan Reverser Components
  • Floor Panel Assemblies
  • Shelf Panels
  • Interior Panels