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Insulation Products Group

TIGHITCO Insulation Products Group

The Insulation Products Group began in 1944 as part of the H. I. Thompson Company. In 1960 a new facility was opened in Atlanta, Georgia and the name was changed to HITCO. In 1991 The Intertech Group of South Carolina acquired the Insulation Products Group in Atlanta creating TIGHITCO, Inc.

Today the Atlanta location is TIGHITCO’s center of excellence for insulation products providing innovative solutions to meet our aerospace and commercial customers’ heat shield, insulation, and fire protection requirements. Primary products include encapsulated metal, sewn and molded insulation blankets and other products using similar manufacturing techniques.

In addition to engineering and fabrication in Atlanta, insulation and sewn products are manufactured in our TIGHITCO Latinoamerica facility in San Luis Potosì, Mexico. This location was established in 2001 to meet our customers’ needs for low cost and labor-intensive solutions.

  • Metal Encapsulated Insulation
  • Molded Insulation Products
  • Sewn Insulation Products
  • Fire Shield Blankets
  • Phenolic & Polyimide Insulation Systems
  • Sewn Cargo Bay Components (Cargo Nets, Smoke Liners, Straps, and Containers)


TIGHITCO Engineering Capabilities

TIGHITCO, Inc. is a full service engineering company offering complete technical solutions to our customers. We work on Customer integrated product development teams as well as provide standard part design and development. Our aggressive program management includes coordination of schedule, regular communication and transfer of technical information as needed.

Computer-Aided Design

  • CATIA V5
    • Can accept STEP or IGES files

Thermal Analysis

  • CF Design Thermal Modeling Software

Qualification Test Management

Typical Tests:

  • Vibration
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Humidity
  • Environmental Durability
  • Tensile Testing
  • Peel Tests
  • Ultrasonic Inspections