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TIGHITCO Aerostructures Division

The Aerostructures Division began in 1972 as Ellcott Manufacturing in Vernon, Connecticut and was acquired by TIGHITCO in 1997. In 2007 the facility moved to Berlin, Connecticut and changed its name to the Aerostructures Division.

The Aerostructures Division manufactures complex composite structures and assemblies. This includes autoclave co-cured carbon fiber structures, metal and honeycomb bonded panels, sheet metal and machined components, and final assembly of entire products.

In 2006 TIGHITCO’s San Luis Potosi, Mexico facility added composites manufacturing capability to offer a low-cost solution for labor intensive products, with autoclave, hand lay-up, and trim and drill capabilities.

In 2008 the Aerostructures Division established a low-cost sheet metal center of excellence in Chihuahua, Mexico, with full fabrication, hyrdoform, heat treat and chemical processing capabilities.

In response to customer demands the Aerostructures Division expanded capacity in 2013 with a new facility in Ladson, South Carolina, just north of Charleston. With full autoclave composite fabrication and structural assembly capabilities, this facility opens new opportunities to provide solutions to our customers.

With manufacturing and engineering capabilities ranging from individual components all the way up to full assemblies, supported by manufacturing in Berlin, Ladson, San Luis Potosì, and Chihuahua, TIGHITCO can provide our customers high-quality, cost-effective structural solutions.

  • Advanced Composite Structures
  • Metal Bonded Structures
  • Sheet Metal Components
  • Sheet Metal Assemblies
  • Composite Assemblies